Effective Interviewing

Self-presentation is often the biggest challenge in the process of changing jobs. Your great references and application documents may be of no use if you are unable to make the right impression in person. A confident, assured bearing is essential to landing that new job.


The good news is that anyone can learn self-presentation techniques. In our interview training we utilize role-playing, body language coaching and other techniques to ideally prepare you for self-presentation situations, including particularly job interviews, where it is crucial to make the most of the occasion. For charisma is currency in any interactive situation.

Getting you fiT for job interviews

  • Communication training: verbal and non-verbal
  • Simulated interviews and meetings (one-on-one and group situations)
  • Development of personal branding
  • Helping you develop an “elevator speech” or “90-second commercial” for compelling self-presentation
  • Interview preparation and follow-up

Honing these competencies will optimally prepare you for successful interactions and networking.

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