Optimal Preparation

A good start out of the block is half the race ... in any kind of project or endeavor where time is of the essence. Especially in job searching, where the stronger your self-assurance starting out, the faster you’ll arrive at where you want to be.

But what does it take to start out with poise and confidence? The first thing is to close the book on any psychological ties with your previous employer. Look ahead, considering what experience and skills you have to offer that could tip the scale in competing for a job. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and set out the career goals you intend to achieve. Our role is to help you in this process.


Eine Zeichnung eines genehmigten Dokumentes – platzieren Sie Mitarbeiter auf den richtigen Positionen, mit Change Management Restrukturierung.
Our method for creating optimal starting conditions

Reappraisal of the separation

Professional achievements and experience

Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, drawing on external indications and self-assessment

Defining your career goals

Preparing tailored application documents including cover letter, CV, employment certificates and references

Optimization and setup of convincing social media profiles

These steps optimally position you for placement services.

Here you can learn how to prepare so as to present yourself in a compelling manner and to perform well in crucial interview situations.

We help you leverage your network of contacts both online and offline. Our role is to support you in the process.

What makes one outplacement consultant better than another? Use our free checklist as an aid in separating the wheat from the chaff (German).