Successful Networking

Having a large network of contacts makes changing jobs vastly easier. It’s the “friend-of-a-friend” principle that makes job hunting via personal contacts so effective, every person you know knows somebody else, and so on in turn. Networking pays off – including networking in online forums and business platforms.

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Feel unsure about your networking skills? We can hone your skills, sharpen your social media presence and teach you how to really activate the contacts you have and quickly make new contacts. You can then make use of your connections in targeted fashion.

Helping you properly leverage your network

  • Activating your personal and professional contacts
  • Training on networking conversations (recognizing networking situations, properly conducting the conversations)
  • Preparing for and following up on networking conversations
  • Group simulation of contacting network members
  • Setting up and optimizing social media profiles for the right effect

These services create an ideal framework for placing your profile with employers.

Here you can find out what we do to support your decision-making and assist during your onboarding process.

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