Making the Right Decisions

There are many decisions to make along the path to finding a new job. Such as: should you accept the first job offered, or bide your time? If you have multiple offers, which one to take? Is it best to be a tough negotiator, or jump at the chance? When you find yourself facing such choices, we are at your side to assist.


We are there for you at all times to help you make the right decisions, advising you in the process of analyzing job offers, supporting you in negotiations and making recommendations on how best to have a contract legally reviewed. And we are still there to answer your questions during the first 100 days at your new job, staying by your side until your situation is stable and your further career moves start coming into focus.

Ein Abbild einer Flagge. Wir bieten Unterstützung bei der Personalbeschaffung und beim Onboarding, beim Eingliedern der neuen Mitarbeiter.

Assessment of the content of extended offers

Decision-making support (pros and cons)

Preparations for upcoming contract negotiations

Advice on the right approach to obtaining a legal contract review

Preparing to start in your new position

Assistance during your contract trial period and the onboarding process (“The first 100 days”)