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It is an exceptional situation when a company needs to restructure or downsize its staffing, even if it has undergone such a reorganization before. These changes are never of a routine nature. We, however, deal with these matters professionally on a daily basis.

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Overseeing your staff restructuring and downsizing projects

What solution will prove most economical for you? How can staffing reductions be implemented as efficiently – and fairly – as possible? What are the best ways to mobilize employees, and what would be an optimal communications strategy? There is no standard answer to these questions. That is why we are there to assist SMEs and large corporations in finding the right solutions for their particular situation. Our success in doing so over the past 30 years is such that 86% of Germany’s leading enterprises based on sales rely on our services. If we take over conducting of your staff restructuring or downsizing project, you can be assured that everything is under control.

How we support you

Restructuring and downsizing planning

Staff restructuring and downsizing projects involve a number of key factors, including time, cost, social responsibility and PR, to name but a few. None of these factors can be ignored in drawing up a viable workforce transformation concept.

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Transfer measures

It is important to keep a cool head when staff reductions are required. If a larger number of employees will be affected, planning must incorporate social responsibility considerations, i.e. labor impact mitigation.

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The success of a staff restructuring or downsizing project depends above all on the company’s employees. The better mobilized staff, managers and the works council are, the better the restructuring outcome will be.

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Redeployment and Retention

One of the primary goals is for the company in the end to have the right employees filling every position. This sounds simple, but in practice a lot of work is involved.

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Training seminars

Effective staff mobilization depends on the performance of the executives and HR managers overseeing the endeavor. But they themselves first have to receive training on tackling the workforce transformation project.

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Communications strategy

Failure to clearly communicate staff restructuring or downsizing plans can have dire consequences for companies. We help you to design a communication strategy that will accomplish your objectives.

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Our strengths


When you work with us, your staff restructuring or downsizing project will run according to plan.

As the market leader with over 30 years of experience, we know what staff restructuring and downsizing strategies have proven to be most beneficial for companies, and draw up your ‘roadmap’ accordingly. We point the way forward and stay dependably by your side throughout all project phases to make sure no mistakes are made.


We are on top of the latest developments, so you are too when you work with us.

We continuously optimize our consulting approach on the basis of proprietary studies, are a leader in digitization and constantly monitor developments in the labor market. You can thus be assured in working with us that your staff reorganization or downsizing project will be planned and executed exclusively on the basis of the latest insights.

The human touch

Working with people requires diplomacy and tact. And we know how to go about it.

To us, staff downsizing is not just an exercise in counseling one person after another. It’s about people and individual life situations, which is why any sort of ‘off-the-rack’ approach is out of the question for us. People remain the focus in all that we do, and our many locations help keep us close.

Counseling client testimonies

In the video, employees talk about their experiences with the layoff process at their employer.

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Case studies



Difficult economic conditions made it necessary for the company to cut costs. Employees were given the option of voluntarily transferring to a transfer company formed for a period of twelve months. Because of this arrangement, 300 employees rapidly found new employment.

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