Redeployment and Retention

It takes concentrated effort to get the best people to stay.

A primary goal in staff restructurings is ensuring that the company has all key positions filled with the right personnel in the end. Sounds simple, but in practice it takes a lot of analysis and work to keep all the people most important to the company on board.

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As an expert in retention and redeployment, we can show you the best methods for identifying key personnel and retaining top performers. This avoids major business disruptions caused by resignations of hard-to-replace, high-potential personnel, saves costs for finding replacements and improves morale among the remaining employees.

We develop an employee retention concept with you and improve your retention management. 

Retention is one side of the coin ...

Our retention consultation starts with a detailed analysis, looking at the latest developments at your firm and the personal situations of your employees. This analysis then forms the basis for identifying which of your key staff are at risk of departing. Next we work with you to specify your retention requirements and define the retention measures to be taken – for individual employees, teams or entire departments depending on the situation and needs. The spectrum of measures to be taken ranges from redeployment within the company to targeted training, financial and non-financial incentives and work–life balance enhancements.


... redeployment is the other.

One of the factors we consider in analyzing your human resources is the capacity to redeploy personnel internally. This leads to decisions on which employees could and should be placed in a different role. Targeted redeployment measures can achieve two objectives at once, eliminating excess capacity (without layoffs) while ensuring that expanding business units receive the additional manpower they require. Redeployment is furthermore an effective way for the company to deal with shortages of skilled labor.

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