Sophia von Rundstedt

Our Vision

The working world is different today, as change happens faster and more frequently, and is seen as a normal part of work life. Our vision at von Rundstedt is that everyone should experience job changes as a personal opportunity out of which something wonderful can occur. This same vision has guided us for over 30 years. Every day anew.

Our values

Our values provide orientation in pursuing our work at von Rundstedt. We rely on these values to stay on the same course we embarked upon years ago, wherever we may be deployed and no matter how busy we may get. Rather than simply posting them somewhere on our website, we look to our values like a compass needle, keeping them foremost in mind at all times.

Transfergesellschaft Anbieter mit Anstand: von Rundstedt

To us, proper business conduct means being absolutely reliable toward our client firms and their employees.

Outplacement Beratung mit Innovation: von Rundstedt

Our innovative capability is reflected in how we frequently surprise clients by introducing optimal new solutions that cannot be found elsewhere.

Ein Mensch hält eine Kreidetafel mit dem Wort Meisterschaft in der Hand – wir wollen, dass jedes Outplacement Projekt ein Meisterstück wird

We aim to consistently deliver expertise is such a way as to make a masterpiece of every project.

Ein Mensch hält eine Kreidetafel mit dem Wort Verantwortung in der Hand – wir verstehen zum Beispiel darunter, in einer Transfergesellschaft in menschlicher und wirtschaftlicher Hinsicht die beste Lösung zu finden

Responsibility is crucial, as we see ourselves as obligated to find the best possible solution on both the financial and social/labor levels in each specific situation.

Our strengths


You can rely on us.


We are on top of the latest developments.

The human touch

In everything we do,
our focus is on people.

von Rundstedt company history

A success story

*Eberhard von Rundstedt (left)

Von Rundstedt is founded in an ingenious yet daring move

von Rundstedt is a pioneer in the field of outplacement in Germany. Eberhard von Rundstedt, an attorney, founded the firm on December 11, 1985, one year after hearing the word “outplacement” for the first time. Representatives of the consulting firm D & B (today DBM – Drake Beam Morrin) had come to his office to address a number of legal issues concerning job placement support services. They mentioned that they were on the lookout for someone to run the Germany business as licensee ... and Eberhard von Rundstedt took them up on the proposition.

In the 1980s, the concept of employer-sponsored career counseling was still largely unknown in the Federal Republic of Germany, and initially only few companies were prepared to spend money on it. Eberhard von Rundstedt, however, was firmly convinced that the concept’s time had come. “I knew all too well what it’s like to lose your job,” he subsequently related, “as I too had faced that situation at one point. That could well be why I became so interested in the idea of outplacement. It’s like the phoenix rising from the ashes, reorienting my career into something new and better than before.”

Sophia von Rundstedt

A new generation at the helm

In 2011, Eberhard von Rundstedt placed management of the company in the hands of his daughter, Sophia von Rundstedt, inaugurating a new era for the organization. Sophia had been pursuing a career as a high-powered international lawyer before eventually joining the company in 2002. “It took me a while, but I realized that I prefer working with people over working with paragraphs,” she relates.
Now in its fourth decade of operation, the company is the leader in the outplacement services market. One of the reasons behind this success story is unquestionably how we have always remained focused on upholding the values of propriety and respect – which have become somewhat of a rarity in today’s business world. This represents a type of moral foundation for what we do, upon which our entire corporate philosophy is based.

All about von Rundstedt

Facts & Figures


of our clients say they would recommend us to others. See for yourself: Read our evaluations


The year our company history began.


is the number of people we counsel each year.


of Germany’s largest corporations work with us.


von Rundstedt has locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to make sure that we are there where you need us.


As a member of the Career Star Group, we offer you the benefit of an international presence.


Rely on our employees and expert consultants to assist with your concerns.


One corporation, many group companies: including von Rundstedt & Partner Schweiz AG.

Our Management Board

Our family business has been a success story for three decades. Sophia von Rundstedt, the management board and 390 employees work with dedication to take the company forward into a successful future.

Sophia von Rundstedt

Dr. Martin Mertes

Christian Summa

Company profile

The Rundstedt Group is Germany’s clear leader in outplacement – a steadily growing market. The company has roughly 210 employees and another 180 free consultants, and generates annual sales of EUR 35 million.

The corporate group is comprised of v. Rundstedt & Partner GmbH, Rundstedt Transfer GmbH, die The Boardroom GmbH, von Rundstedt & Partner Schweiz AG and von Rundstedt HR Partners GesmbH. Currently there are 27 von Rundstedt offices in German-speaking Europe (DACH countries), based in all major cities, from Berlin to Berne. As a network partner of the Career Star Group, Rundstedt is active at 1000 locations around the world.