Your team for career transition

You are in good hands with us, as a team of labor market and career professionals will be at your side throughout the entire counseling process. During this time, you'll share a common goal, and it's yours! Do you want to find a new job as quickly as possible? Do you want to make a career change or are you planning your third stage of life? Our team will support you with its experience and expertise. So that you do not only benefit from the knowledge of a coach, we use AI-supported tools to make all information on the labor market - sector-, hierarchy-, job-, or region-specific –available to you and our consultants in real time.



Olaf Jendrny, Head of Outplacement

Every professional step should be well thought out. With us, you are not alone in this challenge. Together with your career advisor, you develop a roadmap for your job search and sharpen your ideal target position: what you are good at, what you like to do and where you are needed. 

Our more than 120 permanent and freelance coaches are highly trained and always up to date. This is ensured by a thorough assessment centre, regular training, close cooperation, satisfaction surveys and, last but not least, Olaf Jendrny, Head of Outplacement at von Rundstedt.


Annette Waske, Head of Placement

Our goal is that you don't just find any job, but exactly the right one. To achieve this, we have experts on board who know the labour market and its regional and sector-specific peculiarities. They will not only find the right job for you, but will also show you which market strategy will make you particularly successful. In doing so, they take into account all relevant access channels: job exchanges, your personal network, personnel consultancies, initiative approaches to target companies or even our contacts to employers in your region.

You can be sure: With Annette Waske's team of Placement and Executive Networking Consultants and our competence-based skill-matching technology, you will never miss a vacancy.

Close to people

Wherever German is spoken, "von Rundstedt" is no stranger: we maintain over 25 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through our partners in the Career Star Group, we are represented in over 100 countries.

102 countries
27 locations


Around 200 career coaches accompany our clients into a new professional role.

Outplacement market leader in Germany

After around four decades on the market, we are now by far the German market leader in the field of outplacement - and can draw on a wealth of experience.


We advise up to 10,000 people every year on career change.