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Find your new job quickly and increase your employability in the long run - in a transfer company at von Rundstedt. In just 90 seconds we will show you how we support you with advice.

How we support you

Personal Consulting

Together with our career coaches, you will evaluate your individual market opportunities, reflect on your career goals and develop a personal application strategy.


If you are looking for retraining or further training, our team in the JobOffice will identify specific qualification needs and coordinate suitable offers.


Thanks to AI-supported methods, our placement consultants find positions that suit you perfectly and bring you together with exciting employers from the region - at job fairs, CareerDays or in person.


The JobOffice answers your questions about career reorientation and is your first point of contact for all HR issues, such as sick notes, salary or holidays.

After 9 years with my employer, I was uncertain and angry. But I saw the opportunity in the consultation and my expectations were met. We were well prepared for upcoming job interviews and advisors and contacts were always quick and helpful.

Alexander Saikowski (30)
Engineering Technician


His tip: Be open to change and keep your goal in mind.


Leave or stay?

Perhaps you have received an offer to join a transfer company. And now you have to decide. There is a lot to be said for it, for example:


  • You gain three to twelve months in which you can reorient yourself on the job market: reflect on your previous career, define new goals and expand your skills for new tasks.
  • You will quickly find a new, suitable job and increase your job market chances because a team of experts will support you in all facets of the job search.
  • You will learn new skills that will help you secure your job in the long term.
  • You will receive a fixed salary throughout your entire time with the transfer company and will remain in an employment relationship in which you are covered by social security.

The team for your job-hunting

The JobOffice

The job office can be reached Monday to Friday by phone and email for all questions regarding the application process and further training or if you would like to call in sick or apply for holiday. Our team will not only advise you, but will also provide you with administrative assistance.

The Placement Team

Thanks to our placement team, you will find your new job more quickly – namely that one that fits your target profile. An AI checks more than a million job advertisements. You will then receive exactly the suggestions that our labor market professionals personally select for you.

The Career Coaches

Every professional step should be well thought through. With us you are not alone with this challenge. Together with your consultant, you will develop a roadmap for your job-hunting and sharpen your target profile. All of them draw on many years of experience, specialist knowledge and the latest information on the job market - region- and industry-specific!

Start now!

Would you like to take your career change in hand with us or do you have any questions? Then we look forward to hearing from you!