Communications Strategy Done Right

What happens when a company fails to clearly communicate its planning regarding staff restructuring or downsizing? First, rumors start circulating that the information released is not the whole truth. This foments distrust among the workforce, who start doubting the veracity of any statements made by the company. The opportunity for a constructive, cooperative approach to staff restructuring or downsizing having been missed, employees are now motivated to block change processes, and key personnel may start defecting. But things don’t have to go that way.

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Communication is everything

Our role is to assist you in designing an effective communications strategy. Remember: communication is not solely about the ‘what’. ‘How’ the message is conveyed is also crucial. It makes a difference, for example, whether staff first read about job cuts in the newspaper or are properly informed by management in advance. Key points to be addressed for an effective communication strategy include:

  • deciding on how to address specific stakeholder groups in targeted fashion (staff, executives, suppliers)
  • selecting communications channels and activities (flyers, e-mail, intranet microsites, information events etc.)
  • planning preparatory measures (training, drafting press releases)
  • adopting a timetable with milestones (initial notification, response evaluation, adjustment phases).

In summary: transparent communication is absolutely essential in any change

Example of a communication concept (German)