Workforce Transformation Concept

Staff restructuring and downsizing projects involve a number of key factors, including time, cost, social responsibility and PR, to name a few. These factors are all interrelated, thus it is crucial to keep the “big picture” in view at all times. Forcing through a fast action is thus counterproductive if costs explode, and trying to save money by ignoring social responsibility toward labor can backfire, including potential image damage through bad PR. Thus our approach is always holistic.

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Our advice: Make sure to obtain an overview of the work packages that will be involved in the layoff process.
> Click here for the guide “Planning Staff Restructuring Projects”

Comprehensive support from initial analysis to sustained success

The restructuring process has to be looked holistically, starting with the planning of measures and proceeding to workforce mobilization and counseling departing staff. It is essential to maintain an overview of the many factors involved.

Our advice Utilize this checklist to make sure you don’t omit any important steps in the staff downsizing process.
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Modular “3 Pillars” concept combined with 360-degree support

Our concept rests upon three pillars, which affords our clients the assurance of conducting staff restructuring and downsizing projects with the balance necessary to avoid derailment or surprises.


Development of master plan outlining timeline and packages of measures

Staff structure analysis

Designing of a communication strategy

Our advice: Utilize targeted mobilization to reach your reduction targets faster.
> Click here for the guide “Accelerating Staff Restructuring”


Inform, motivate and train the responsible managers

Notify employees of internal and external job opportunities

Advise employees on tax and social security issues in connection with partial retirement, early retirement and/or severance

Our advice: Let us tell you about the six steps that are essential for successful change processes.
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Coaching for executives and HR managers on implementing measures

Redeployment and retention measures: integrating those willing to change, motivating those who at first are not

Our advice: Find the right provider to work with for your transfer company or transfer agency.
> To the “Selecting the Right Transfer Provider” checklist

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