What is the best way to get your project moving?

By mobilizing your staff.

How well your staff restructuring or downsizing succeeds depends primarily on your employees – those tasked with overseeing the process and those affected by it. The better you are able to mobilize managers, staff and works council, the better the project outcome will be. But how to go about mobilizing your personnel, especially if the goal is to get them to leave the company? While there is no standard solution, it can be done with the help of an expert partner in workforce transformation.

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The many elements in mobilization

When changes are first announced, many employees are initially stunned by the news. This effect increases accordingly the more unsure staff are about the reasons why and what their further employment prospects are. We show you how you can still rapidly get your staff “on board” so that they actively support the changes.

Our method involves an array of tools and activities such as change workshops for executives and HR managers, training seminars for all parties tasked with implementing the restructuring, individual consultations, information events, webinars, and much more. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, thus we encourage you to take the first step in mobilizing and contact us.

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The necessity for the desired changes and the procedure planned must be made transparent to all parties concerned. Employees who are to depart the company must be shown opportunities for job reorientation. Here you will find information about our services in the area of communication strategy.

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Executives and middle managers need to be united in supporting the staff restructuring or downsizing.

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All stakeholders must be empowered to implement the changes (via training, policy guides, etc.). Click here for an overview of our training offerings.

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All affected employees must be involved in the restructuring process so as to eliminate any period of ‘drift’.

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