Training seminars for preparedness in staff restructuring and downsizing situations

The success of efforts to mobilize staff depends on the commitment of the executives and HR directors tasked with initiating departure processes for the employees who are open to change and managing, motivating and stabilizing the remaining staff. These executives and HR directors are the ones responsible for getting the company through the stormy change process to the other side. The ability to do so however requires that they be well prepared for the staff restructuring or downsizing situation. And our role is to get your executives, project managers and HR leaders prepared for these responsibilities. We conduct training seminars for your employees responsible for the process designed to enable them to effectively overcome resistance and persuasively ‘sell’ the change both internally and externally

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Individual coaching, group coaching and/or training seminars are how we move your people forward, utilizing these in the combination you consider optimal. Topics range from motivation meetings to layoff meetings and considerate treatment of affected staff. Our approach draws on the latest scientific findings from teaching and education research, including recognized didactic strategies established in adult education.


Our training offerings

Change Workshop

Before kicking off a change process, the people who are to oversee the process must be properly instructed. This is the purpose of Change Workshops, which always involve

discussion of the reasons for the planned restructuring

discussion of the pros and cons in play

obtaining commitment from those tasked with implementation, and

the defining of messages and reasoning.

Conducting layoff/redundancy meetings

What is the proper way to terminate employment? We transfer knowledge to your HR managers on how to go about

setting the stage for termination meetings,

how best to prepare for these meetings and

how to conduct them in goal-oriented fashion with the proper poise, appropriately expressing appreciation for the individual employee.

Conducting change meetings

Change meetings are one of the most important communication tools for staff restructuring and downsizing processes. In our training sessions your managers and executives will learn

how to view the change from the employee’s perspective

how to recognize resistance and disarm (or circumvent) objections

how to clearly formulate expectations and bring about behavioral changes

how to properly conduct motivation meetings and deal with remaining staff in an appropriately appreciative manner.  

Conducting motivation meetings

Letting employees go puts the mood at a company in a critical state, thus it is crucial at that time for the staff remaining to be properly managed and motivated. In our seminars, your managers will learn

how to implement a transparent information policy

how they can provide staff psychological support while implementing change

how to professionally lead their teams

how to effectively motivate staff to perform.