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In a layoff situation, everyone benefits if all parties cooperate. It is important to keep a cool head when staff reductions are required, for German labor law provides for employee protections in layoff situations. Enterprises which are planning or forced to lay off a substantial number of employees will need to draft a social/labor impact mitigation plan. You can rely on von Rundstedt in this crucial regard, as our role is to ensure that the process goes smoothly and staff quickly find new employment.

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Your employees benefit from transfer arrangements, you benefit from quality management.

Whether you may utilize a transfer company or transfer agency, your employees will enjoy distinctly better re-hiring prospects if supported by von Rundstedt. We address the needs of every affected individual within the framework of your company’s budget and scheduling requirements. Importantly, quality management is included in our transfer services, thus we do project management and comprehensive reporting in addition to consulting on structuring a labor impact mitigation plan and the securing of subsidies. Your employees are in the best of hands with us: that’s our bottom line.

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Career counseling and job search advice

Applicant training

Supporting individual coaching throughout the job application phase

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Workshops on CV composition, interviewing, application strategies and more for the 50+ demographic

Online seminars on social media, e-networking, starting your own business, and more

Additional training offerings

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Targeted job searching for both announced and unannounced openings

Contacting potential employers and profile-compatible client placement

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Jobbüro – the office for administrative support in the application process

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Transfer company: what it means and what the benefits are

Are employees to be terminated as of a specific time, due for example to a site closure? In this case, a transfer company is a recommendable solution, in which employees voluntarily depart the company’s employ, directly transferring into the employ of Rundstedt Transfer GmbH. Transferring employees then take part in a highly effective job search program with orientation, training and placement elements plus services for those looking to go independent in self-employment. These services are comparable to outplacement.

A transfer company takes over the company’s employees and then provides them job search support. During the period of formation of the transfer company (maximum 12 months), employees receive transfer partial furlough benefits from the federal government in the amount of 67 percent of their last net salary at their former employer, which the company usually tops up to 80–85 percent.

  • Employees enjoy a risk-free opportunity to complete internships and trial periods at other employers, as they are entitled to return to the employ of the transfer company at any time during the transfer company period.
  • Transferring to the transfer company has no negative effect for employees with regard to ‘ALG I’ unemployment benefits.
  • The transfer of employment to the transfer company is contractually regulated, thus there is no legal hazard of exposure to claims.
  • Employees depart the company’s employee as a group on a fixed date (off-payroll date).
  • Employees enjoy an extended termination notice period, which greatly improves the chances for a seamless transition into new employment.

Transfer agency: what it means and what the benefits are

The transfer agency is an alternative model in which employees receive essentially the same benefits as with a transfer company arrangement but are not formally transferred under an employment contract. Instead, employees remain in the employ of the company until the end of their respective individual termination notice period, during which time they can take advantage of career and job search counseling.

The transfer agency model is similar to a group outplacement arrangement. A transfer agency is however eligible for state subsidy like a transfer company if the agency is AZAV*-certified.

  • Employees remain fully in the employ of the company, thus they can be deployed to wind up projects (task handovers, etc.).
  • The in-service counseling employees receive preserves their work motivation.
  • Employees are allowed to pursue and apply for other jobs while still employed, enhancing their placement prospects.

Rundstedt Transfer – the crucial difference

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We have been conducting group counseling since 1987.

The company Rundstedt Transfer GmbH was formed in 2005.

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Our successes

To date we have completed over 350 projects involving a total of 18,000 employees.

Our average placement success rate is 75%.

Generally, employees will enter a new employment relationship within a period of six months.

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We offer transfer company and transfer agency services nationwide throughout Germany, with offices near you if not in the same city.

The maximum consultant/counselee ratio with von Rundstedt is 1:15.

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We are certified as a provider of transfer services by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs according to AZAV.*
* The accreditation and licensing regulation for employment agency and counseling providers

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